Reporting Point for violations of the levy for private copying

Anyone who puts goods liable for payment of the levy on to the Belgian market without applying the remuneration for private copying (Auvibel levy) is violating the Copyright Laws.

Such violations cause harm to the rightful claimants and give rise to unfair competition on the market.

You can help stop these illegal practices!

You can, anonymously or otherwise, report traders, individuals, firms, trade fairs, web-shops, etc. who do not apply the levy. You can also contact us if you have doubts and/or complaints about the application of the levy.

Every case will be dealth with!

Any information you provide us with will remain strictly confidential. In accordance with Art. 78 of the law on author's rights and the neighbouring rights, the staff of the management company, and any others involved in collecting the remuneration for private copying, must maintain professional secrecy on any information that comes to their knowledge or in relation to the performance of their work.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us.