Distribution of the remuneration for private copying

In accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Law, the levy is distributed to each of the following categories:

  • the authors/composers of phonograms and audiovisual works
  • the performing artists of phonograms and audiovisual works
  • the producers of phonograms and audiovisual works
  • the authors of literary works and works of graphic or plastic art
  • the publishers of literary works and works of graphic or plastic art

The amounts the General Assembly of Auvibel makes available to the boards are divided up as follows:

First, the total amount to be paid to the boards by the General Assembly will be divided between the categories audio, video and multimedia.

The division between audio and audiovisual works occurs according to a key based on the actual collection on audio and audiovisual products and on the other hand, regarding multimedia products, according to an allocation key determined by Belgian studies and/or by comparison with neighboring countries if these data are available.

Regarding the categories of audio and video, once the final share of audio and audiovisual works is defined, the legal allocation formula will be applied to distribute the amounts among the respective boards - i.e., 1/3 for the authors/composers, 1/3 for the producers and 1/3 for the performing artists.

Regarding multimedia, it is determined based on an allocation key which parts are attributed respectively to the audio works, the audiovisual works, the literary works and the works of graphic or plastic art. Afterwards the legal allocation keys are applied to distribute these amounts between the respective boards - i.e., with regard to the sound and audiovisual works, 1/3 for the authors/composers, 1/3 for the performing artists and 1/3 for the producers and with regard to the literary works and the works of graphic or plastic art, 1/2 for the authors and 1/2 for the publishers.

Subsequently each board sets up its own distribution rules, which are submitted to governmental approval. The distribution between the members of the boards will be calculated in accordance with these regulations approved by the competent Minister.


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